Choosing the Right Ferret Accessories to Keep Your Pet Happy

Ferrets are cute tiny animals that make a good pet but aside from their inquisitive nature, they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. It’s important to give them toys to play with whether you are around or not and here are some guides that you can use when choosing the right ferret accessories:

Ferrets love chasing balls around

Get your ferrets a variety of balls because they love playing with it. You can get them a tennis ball, ping pong ball ir a racquet ball in your local sports store, toy store or online shop. You may even have an old one lying around your home that your ferret can use.



For their own safety and for yours too, ferrets should be kept in a cage when they are not under supervision. They won’t mind spending time in their cage because they actually spend 16-20 hours per day sleeping. It is important that you make your ferrets feel comfortable inside best ferret cages and since they are sleeping most of the time, you need to provide them with soft bedding. Choosing a bigger cage for them will provide them everything they need. The construction of the cage also allows owners to add in accessories for their ferret to play with and stay entertained.

Cleaning Toys

Making sure that their toys are free from bacteria causing disease is one way to keep your ferret healthy. Wash soft toys with soap and water regularly. Wipe down hard toys with a pet-safe cleaner once a week, or more often if they look dirty. You can also inspect your ferret toys weekly for damage. If you notice that a toy is damaged, it would be best to fix it or better yet toss it out because they could ingest damaged toys that can cause digestive distress. Toys that are made out of cardboard or papers should be replaced often so they won’t eat them. Ferrets love playing with new toys. Switching out old toys for new ones will give your ferret much needed mental and physical stimulation.

Using Litter box

Ferrets can be trained to use litter box like cats and dogs and if you are willing to work with them, they can learn how to do it. You can either buy a litter box in the pet store or you can make your own. You can use a small cardboard or plastic box that is at least 3-5 inches in height. Fill the box with 1 inch of pellets made from paper or plant fibre for use as litter. Make sure to empty the litter box often and never use clamping litters that can harm your ferret’s eyes or respiratory system.


A playpen is one way to keep your ferret safe if you want him to play outside his cage. You can find a playpen specifically for a ferret at either a pet store or online.